Peer Review: Proposed Opua Marina Refurbishment

WARDALE provided a peer review of the Proposed Opua Marina Refurbishment Plan which is a programme intended to assist Far North Holdings in its management of the long term refurbishment of the Opua Marina going forward.

The primary aim of the Refurbishment Programme was to:

  • Identify the components of the Marina that will require refurbishment over the next 20 years

  • Confirm the total number of the various components

  • Provide a suggested schedule for the refurbishment of the various components.

  • Provide a cost estimate for each component within the refurbishment programme

  • Calculate the contribution required from Berth Licence holders within the Marina to fund such a programme.

WARDALE’s analysis included:

  • Detailed review of the Refurbishment Programme including identification of areas of concern and risks, and consideration of industry best practice

  • A marina inspection of all piers (A-E) and both floating attenuators

  • Assessment of the proposed scheduling and the order of the various components to be replaced

  • Consideration of the current visual condition assessment versus the proposed programme

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