Pile Berth Redevelopment, Westhaven Marina

Project Name: Pile Berth Redevelopment

Project Overview: Wardale is Project Manager for the redevelopment project which includes the creation of new land by way of Auckland Harbour reclamation. The project looks to add capacity to the adjoining Marina.

A large component of the new land area will be provided to the public too enjoy and connect with the Waitemata Harbour.

Project Sponsor: Auckland Council through Waterfront Auckland and more recently through Panuku Development Auckland

Project Capex: NZ $15 million

Project Consents: Resource consent will be required for the entire new land reclamation, with building permits required for the new walkway and viewing platform.

Project Timing: Wardale completed the business case in 2014, which was approved by the Waterfront Auckland Board in May 2014. The project then to project delivery in late 2014 before the project team commenced consultation with the community and specifically mana whenua.

Procurement Consultants: The Project Management includes the procurement and management of a host of experts who are providing reports which advise the resource consent application.

Project Governance: A Project Control Group made up of Auckland Council and consultants has been established for the project.

Procurement Contractors: Wardale will be responsible for the procurement of the contractors, of which there will be one for the land based development and a second focused on the marine development.

Project Background: The Westhaven Plan identified the need to continue to provide Berths within the Westhaven Marina. The Pile Berths were identified as being under performing, and a concept was created to redevelop this area with modern fit for purpose berths.

The development requires additional car parks which will be created on the new land which will be reclaimed using dredged material from inside the adjoining marina.

The project has elected to spend considerable time during the design phase to engage the 19 members of the Auckland Council Mana Whenua collective who have participated in extensive design workshops to create a concept design that celebrated mana whenua’s connection to the harbour.