The Westhaven Masterplan

The Westhaven Plan is a vision of the development of an under-utilised section of waterfront in Auckland, New Zealand.

This piece of waterfront today looks very different to its appearance ten years ago.

WARDALE is proud to have had a significant role to play in creating the masterplan to Westhaven.

Now, when we walk the new 2.5km Westhaven Promenade, visit the chandleries in the new Westhaven Marine Village, refuel in the biggest marine refuelling facility in the country, stroll along the recently extended northern reclamation under construction since 2019, or gaze at the superyachts in Silo Marina, we know we have had a role.

The Westhaven Plan was drafted in 2011, consulted on and published in 2013, and is an example of WARDALE’s ability to consult with Māori, government and local government leaders, and all stakeholders, to create new marine and waterfront spaces.

WARDALE also worked with Build Media to create this visualisation of Westhaven as it will look when the suite of proejcts within the Westhaven Plan is realised.