Treasured town wharf restored

Through 2020 we completed the restoration of the historic town wharf to a treasured public space that is part of a proposed new Riverside Promenade. Seeing it re-opened to the public was heart warming.

WARDALE was able to assist Whakatane District Council in ensuring the project was ‘shovel ready’ as part of a number of projects funded by the government to support the region through the post-lockdown recovery period and to ensure it’s ready for the next stage of its revitalisation programme.

The refurbishment started in July 2020 and a large proportion was completed by Christmas when the project team paused the project for the busy summer months – a planned move to ensure the community could enjoy use of the wharf without interruption.

During the work areas of decaying concrete foundations were identified, and a process called hydrodemolition used to blast away and remove the old concrete. Hydrodemolition is uses very high pressure water blasting at about 20,000 psi to blast away the concrete. This exposes the steel reinforcing which is then replaced ahead of the concrete pile being recast into the square piles that can now be seen under the wharf.

WARDALE oversaw the project from start to finish and also ensured that the community was well informed right throughout the project.

Now Whakatane once again has a wharf that will serve its community for many years to come.

WARDALE is also delivering a similar project for the nearby Port Ōhope Wharf