Westhaven Sales Pier

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Positioned adjacent to the Westhaven Promenade, a boardwalk connecting Auckland's Harbour Bridge with nearby Wynyard Quarter, this Sales Pier is purpose built to display luxury vessels that are for sale in New Zealand's biggest marina.

Project Name: Sales Pier Westhaven Marina

Project Overview: Wardale was Project Manager for this completed project which spanned two years, and included multiple contracts for the variety of works including removal of the existing structures, and dredging to -2.4m below datum. A Design and Build construction contract was then released that provided for the design of the new piers and installation of the new pontoons.

The Project Management also involved the negotiation and lisiaion with the first company that leased over 2/3rds of the new berths within the facility.

Project Sponsor: Panuku Development Auckland

Project Capex: NZ $1.2 million

Project Consents: Resource and Building Consent were filed and received from Auckland Council.

Project Timing: Project commenced in 2014 and was completed by early 2016.

Procurement Consultants: Limited consultant were required on the project due to the decision to go with a design and build contract. Wardale completed the concept layout for the new pier which was later developed by the various design and build contractors.

Project Governance: A small project governance group was established with staff from Panuku and Westhaven Marina.

Procurement Contractors: An Expression of Interest (EOI) phase was followed with a full Request for Proposal (RFP). The same process was followed for the dredging component.

Project Background: The Westhaven Plan identified that the south west corner of Westhaven could be redeveloped to include a Sales Pier where vessels for sale could be displayed.