Y Pier, Westhaven

Project Name: Y Pier Development

Project Overview: Wardale was commissioned to lead a team to add capacity to Westhaven with the development of a new pier.

The project involved the creation of a concept design for the new capacity which Wardale completed in 2013. The design advised a business case which was approved by the Waterfront Auckland board in 2013.

Wardale led the procurement of a Design and Build contractor to complete the civil and marine works. Wardale was Engineer to the Contract and undertook the Project Management oversight of the project for Auckland Council.

The project was completed in January 2015.

Project Sponsor: Waterfront Auckland

Project Capex: NZ$4.8 million

Project Consents: Resource Consent was required for the new berths as they were outside of the existing consented waterspace area.

Project Timing: Concept design 2012/13

Procurement 2013

Design and Build 2014

Project Completed late 2015

Procurement Consultants: Wardale was responsible for the procurement of a small group of advisors including a planner, a geotechnical investigation.

Project Governance: A Project Control Group was established for the project which included staff from within Waterfront Auckland and Wardale representatives.

Procurement Contractors: Wardale managed the initial Expression of Interest process, followed by a Request for Proposals (RFP) before a contract was entered into with Bellingham Marine.

Dredging of the area was a separate contract which was won by Heron Construction.

Project Background: The Westhaven Plan identified the need for Westhaven to continue to add capacity to its stock of berths. The area to the east of the marina was identified as an area that accommodated a number of swing moorings. The water space that these moorings used could be better utilised for the development of some super yacht berths within the Wynyard Quarter, so the remaining waterspace was considered for redevelopment.

Wardale provided a number of concept layout with a preference for a layout that continued with the existing marina layout. The preferable layout was agreed and created a new “Y pier” being the last remaining letter of the alphabet that was not already used at Westhaven.

The scope of the project was amended just before contractor procurement when it was decided to include the provision of a fuel facility within the new development.

The inclusion of the fuel facility included the negotiation of a supply agreement with a fuel provider and the concept layout for the pier was adjusted to allow for the additional capacity within the pontoons to carry the extensive pipework network required for the system.